SpiceWorld 2012 was AMAZING!

Lots has happened with Spiceworks since my last post on here, but due to work I havn’t been able to do much.

I have however got to tall everyone how GREAT SpiceWorld 2012 in Austin was. All of the Spiceworks staff were there, the vendors were technical, the after parties and the after after after parties were rather cool. Just the whole thing was amazing, hope to make it out next year.

If you havn’t seen it yet checkout the latest zombies video below, hopefully you have seen the first one by now.

SpiceWorld 2012 London starts tomorrow!

sw logo2 SpiceWorld 2012 London starts tomorrow!

SpiceWorld comes to the UK tomorrow for two full days of IT training and sessions run by Spiceworks, big name vendors like HP and of course other Spiceheads.

There is still time to register and turn up to this great event where you get a chance to meet your fellow IT pros in the same situation as you are. The whole event is based around giving people like you the training and skills you need to make your job easier and save you money.

For the two day training its only just over £200 which is a bargain compared to some IT events in which you can pay double for just the one day. And considering all the Spiceworks staff are coming from the US its a huge bargain.

If your struggling to convince yourself or your boss checkout this and then register today!

SpiceWorld 2012 London training tomorrow

sw logo2 SpiceWorld 2012 London training tomorrowSpiceworks University user training comes to SpiceWorld tomorrow where SpiceHeads get the chance to learn the Spiceworks fundamentals including:

  • Navigate the UI, back up your app, and get help when you need it
  • Fully inventory your network and avoid common pitfalls
  • Keep tabs on your network with monitors, alerts and reports
  • Create a help desk and manage your ticketing system

Then in the afternoon you get to pick if you want to learn more about the inventory or helpdesk and get even more out of using Spiceworks and making your install better and saving you time.

If you havn’t registered yet make sure you do it soon. For just £249 you get the Spiceworks Uni course + the two SpiceWorld days + the parties!

Register Now

1-day pass to SpiceWorld London!

+Spiceworks have just announced a 1-day pass to London, there were two reasons people couldn't make it to the event in London, Money and Time. To combat this they have announced the day pass which for just £99 gets you in for the whole day on Thursday.

All SpiceWorld Sessions, Meals and Parties on Thursday, 24 May!

Does mean you wont be able to make it to the awesome party in the evening though but you can register for both days and the party for just £249 still!

Still have trouble working out how to go checkout: http://www.spiceworks.com/spiceworld/2012/london/it_pros/convince-the-boss/

And once registered chime-in on the community: http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/185663-headed-to-spiceworld-london-let-others-know-you-re-coming

Sign up below! And meet you in a week!


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Spiceworks IT Conference Registration – SpiceWorld 2012 London – Register Now
Snag Your Seat at a Great Rate for SpiceWorld 2012 London in London, England in May. Only 150 Seats Available for a First-of-its-Kind IT Education Conference!

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Spiceworks reaches 2 million users….

Jay Hallberg has just posted on twitter some really exciting news

Spiceworks now has over 2,000,000 IT pros. Happened around 3:43 am last night. Took 4 yrs for 1M, 2 yrs for 2M. Stay tuned for more… See his post

With SpiceWorld London just 2 weeks away the whole event will be more exciting with this latest news just behind them. Expect to see some official blog post about what this means on the Spiceworks community soon.

But taking just 2 years to get from 1M to 2M users we anticipate something bigger and better than the 1M party they threw.

Congratz guys!

SpiceWorld London in a week!

sw logo2 SpiceWorld London in a week!Well ok a week and a day until the main event but the SpiceWorks University day starts in two weeks time with Spiceworks Fundamentals. Then on the 24th May the main event opens, giving you the change to learn about Spiceworks from the people who built it, hear from fellow IT pros on general tech topics, rub elbows with tech experts … and bowl, dance, and laugh the nights away at our killer parties!

SpiceWorld 2011 in Austin was a huge hit with many people still talking about it on the community and this year its finally coming to London in all its glory!

Checkout what I have to say on why i’ll be at SpiceWorld London or even why some of the marketeers / sponsors will be there.

Make sure you register now! And i’ll see as many of you there as posible! Its going to be a great event.

Spiceworks 6.0 Beta I Build Now Available

Get it while its hot!

In this version there are lots of changes which will help you work more effectively.

The network scan now http://nmap.org/ to work out whats on your network before it starts to run its full scan which will help clear up your unknowns. You can now hide the remote agent tray application. And much much more!

I'm going to try and give this one a full review next week icon smile Spiceworks 6.0 Beta I Build Now Available

Download it now from the link below!

Remember: This is only a beta so don't use it in production yet.


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6.0 Beta I Build Now Available (6.0.00415)
The first build of the Spiceworks 6.0 beta is now available for you to try out. Testing and feedback from you is an integral p… | Spiceworks 6.0

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SpiceRex is two today!

Untitled3 SpiceRex is two today!

SpiceRex is officially a year older today having made it to the grand age of two!

To celebrate this SpiceWorks is dedicating this months SpiceQuest to him and also giving away some swag for people who share on Google+.

Having been all around the world, having a giant cardboard cutout made of him and even a really cool mascot for Nic to wear this year has been a big one for him. He has no plans to stop ready to help all the SpiceHeads around the world with the IT problems!

Happy birthday SpiceRex and heres to many more!

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