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To include is to improve without limitation

Inclusive Marketing is an approach of your supply that allows you to arrive at the 100% from the population. Including it enters your potential clients the people with functional diversity, you will improve your products and services doing them more satisfactory for all clients.

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It demolishes barriers. Be done accessible

You will know how to create accessible surroundings, products and services for all, demolishing the barriers that exist for million people, and improving of step the experience of all clients. The accessible thing is essential for 10% of the population, recommendable for beneficial 40% and for the 100%.

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An enormous market to your reach

The people with functional diversity suppose in Spain a market of more than 10 million consumers. Now you can include enters them your potential clients and to learn to satisfy being adapted them simple details with your supply.

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She takes advantage of the technology to reach all

Find out to you of how you can obtain that your Web, your networks or your App can be tools of information like OsCommerce and service for the 100% of your market. She learns how to be accessible also in the digitalis by using vps hosting and not to exclude anybody fulfilling you rule international that there is to your reach. Not only using that type of hosting, there are also other types. For example, there is dedicated server that is more private because your web will be hosted in one exclusive server.

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She improves your

We propose a easy form to you and responsible to satisfy an increasing demand that lifts your quality, it improves your image and it allows to contribute you to a fairer society. The prize? The satisfaction and fidelity of your clients.

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10 ideas to be inclusive

You begin trying to make happier your clients, you end up improving the society in which you compete. You begin understanding that the human being is diverse, you end up demolishing barriers. You begin offering accessible supplies to the diversity, you finish including the diversity in your equipment.

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