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We go there with the 10 principles of the Marketing that thinks about all:

1. It improves the world, not only your account of results.
Nowadays the organizations leaders are those that leave positive track in the society, those that contribute to improve the world and the life of million people. Far they are the times in which the companies only worried to obtain economic performance forgetting the societies, the planet, the rights, the ethics and the lives of million people. So she bets by the economic sustainability, but also by the environmental one and the social one.

2. The USA marketing to make happier the people.
The approach of Marketing that is going to help to you to reach your objectives is to think about solving real needs of the people and not only to think about waking up its desires. If you know to detect the true needs of the potential clients and their desires, and know to design supplies that satisfy them, you will be improving its lives and helping to that they are happier.

3. It assumes as normal the diversity of your clients.
Your clients are not a homogenous standard. Not even the majority of them can be shelp that she is representative of the totality. Between your clients there is much diversity. Each is a unique and unique being, with needs and capacities that there are to consider to satisfy them to all the same. It thinks that the normal thing is not to be normal.

4. Ally with your clients and you leave to you design with you your supply.
The nobody best one than your clients knows which is the best way to satisfy them. Perhaps they would not know that they needed that you propose to them, but know better than you how there is to be so that your proposal is most satisfactory possible. All your innovation multiplies in effectiveness and efficiency if accounts with the client to give him to form to products and services.

5. It looks for to satisfy to all, is not truth that doing you do not content it to anybody.
At the time of designing a product or service it perhaps has sense to segment the public to whom one goes by sexes, age, tastes, styles or benefits, but within the segment you must think about which occupies it. If the most demanding ends of the segment can use the product or service, the center will do it more comfortably and the quality of your proposal will be greater. And in addition, obvious you will increase your potential market.

6. It looks at your product without seeing, listens your brand without hearing, ponte within reach of that moves with difficulty, speaks for who costs to understand to him.
The empathy with the diversity of your potential clients practices. It assumes the challenge to understand them and discovers some needs whose satisfaction is to your reach. In addition to lifting the quality of your supply, you will receive in return a potential market of million people in whom until now you had perhaps not repaired.

7. It generates experiences of purchase, attractive, accessible, reasonable and universal consumption and use.
If you design for all, you will have the reward to lift the quality of your supply, to increase the satisfaction of all clients (those of always and the new ones) and consequently to increase the fidelity of both. The yield is assured.

8. I know truly responsible, you do not only limit yourself to obey the law in the matter of inclusion.
It is the key of the RSC (Corporative Social responsibility): to go beyond which it demands the competent legislation to you. It thinks that if you go further on, the responsibility offers the opportunity to you to improve the world and of step to differentiate to you proposing something only.

9. You can cause that the people with functional diversity are able people.
One is not to crush to you, but he thinks that the incapacity believes in the interaction between a person with some functional difficulty and surroundings, product or service badly designed and with barriers. In your hand it is designing spaces and supplies without barriers that consider those difficulties so that million people can be able to consume, to buy and to use surroundings, products and services of an independent way, comfortable and safe. In your hands it is being accessible and universal.

10. Account which beams and why, you will help to that the inclusion is an exigency to compete.
You do not have modesty to count nor to explain everything what beams to be inclusive and accessible to all. If you explain what beams, not only you will be presenting your good one for doing, but you will be giving example to the others, you will be pupil to the market, will be contributing to that the universal accessibility and the inclusion they are someday qualities indispensable for all at the time of choosing a brand, product or service.

I hope that these principles inspire to you actually and that they contribute to that your organization is every inclusive day.

Thank you very much to read and to share, to think and to include. ;)

A greeting and until in a moment. Luis.


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