Unofficial Spiceworks thoughts on Spicework’s $16 million funding

image385 Unofficial Spiceworks thoughts on Spicework’s $16 million funding So its now the 2nd or third morning I have woken up to find my twitter flooded with tweets about the funding Spiceworks recently got. Ones like

Spiceworks CEO on the Future of IT Jobs and His Company

image387 Unofficial Spiceworks thoughts on Spicework’s $16 million funding Got me thinking Unoffiicial Spiceworks hasn’t done anything on our thoughts about the funding?

The funding has been talked about a lot recently from when it started on TechCrunch which lead it to be mentioned on twitter over 500 times as well as all the other smaller blogs then twitting about it.

Spiceworks have said they will be adding new staff to the current team which is at the moment 45 strong. The new team will be split over marketing and development.

The new marketing team are from what I have seen mentioned going to be looking for new fun and exciting ways to market Spiceworks.

The marketing team have always had a funky way of advertising like the IT Comedy videos the new team will have to find new and cool ways. They will also be working on getting more vendors and people to attend SpiceWorld’s but its the development team I’m most interested in.

I think the enlarged development team will start looking at two main things:

  • image390 Unofficial Spiceworks thoughts on Spicework’s $16 million funding Real time monitoring – We have already started to see this with the SQL monitor plugin, and just released the Device Uptime Plugin this will bring a new set of users into Spiceworks and start to compete on a better level with tools like nagios. In doing that there will have to be some major stability changes, everyone knows about how stable nagios is when started but Spiceworks does have a small reputation for being unstable at times.
  • Making it more mobile – This is reinforced by and some Spiceworks staff in conversations about how the community will become more mobile with a simple version for mobile access and maybe the possibility to update topics via image391 Unofficial Spiceworks thoughts on Spicework’s $16 million fundingemail… We have also seen a lot of rumours in the past about apps for blackberry and the iPhone so hopefully we will see these come true.

Once or probably during those are being made the Feature Request section is going to be hammered and new features pulled out, probably starting with ones like Merge tickets to break them into how the codebase and database works before diving in and building things like the much wanted Knowledge Base.

These are only my thoughts from conversations I have had with some team members, its Spiceworks, nothings confirmed. What they think is good at the time they will roll with… For all we know we could see version 5.0 be rebuilt from scratch.

Hmm… Im not the best at article writing really am I…

Don’t know what Spiceworks is?

Download it now and find out:download spiceworks Unofficial Spiceworks thoughts on Spicework’s $16 million funding



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