The story off the Spiceworks SpiceRex

image421 The story off the Spiceworks SpiceRex

So one weekend I enter the Spiceworks “Show the world your Spiceness” contest with some standard things to start with. Just bits and bobs I found around the office like a moose head and a random set of oversized batteries.

After a while I ran out of ideas and wanted to come up with something new and exciting, I started to think back about things I had done and seen before as well as doing a Google of bits and bobs.

Getting creative

I got creative and along came the SpiceVan failing to get peoples avatars into the windows of the bus I just stuck some logos on it.

Not very exciting, and well not as good as I hoped I tried something else.

S6300488 thumb The story off the Spiceworks SpiceRex

Along came SpiceRex

After a fair few hours playing with ideas and walking around the office a few times I stumbled across the idea for a SpiceRex, quickly mocking up and building him I found it just worked. It looked cool and could hold a pepper in his mouth.

He was alive! and ready to take on the world.

S6300491 thumb The story off the Spiceworks SpiceRex

Taking down SpiceVan

SpiceVan’s time was up, he spotted him on my keyboard and tor him up, the van I spent ages trying to ge t right was dead.S6300489 thumb The story off the Spiceworks SpiceRex

Nic upsets him

Nicholas Tolstoshev (the Spiceworks community manager) managed to upset SpiceRex by encouraging people to take part in the photo contest.

The less people taking part the more change I had to win, you can’t blame my new pet for trying to help me out?

S6300493 thumb The story off the Spiceworks SpiceRex

Taking on Nic’s Profiles

To get Nic back for encouraging people he took over his Facebook and Spiceworks Profiles to warn people of his presence.

image thumb129 The story off the Spiceworks SpiceRex image thumb130 The story off the Spiceworks SpiceRex

Traveling the world

Getting bored of being in the UK SpiceRex went on the hunt of new flesh and hopped across the pond in a cardboard box to Spiceworks HQ in Austin. SpiceRex then hit the road again on his way to Australia passing though Boston and a few other places.

After a long flight he arrived in Australia to enjoy the sun before helping out at a national wildlife park replanting trees.

In his busy schedule he managed to find time to appear in a video and even a advert.

spicerex3 The story off the Spiceworks SpiceRexTaking on the role as the mascot

On 2nd June 2010 SpiceRex was announced to be the first Spiceworks Mascot.

The kind people at Spiceworks HQ tidied him up a bit and made him ready to help out all SMB IT pro’s.

So why Pick SpiceRex as the mascot?

Well according to Jen (Spiceworks) it just seemed to work:

Ok, full disclosure: I am LOL-ing here b/c truth be told, there were *more than a few* peeps here at HQ who were scratching their heads and a bit stunned to see how quickly SpiceRex became an overnight sensation among you all (again, see Andy’s backstory on how SpiceRex came to be). But we chuckled and figured "Hey, who are we to judge what makes ‘em tick? Guess if anyone can rally around a great big orange T-Rex and bring it back to life as their very own, it’s the Spiceworks Community."


SpiceRex: Of the SpiceHeads. For the SpiceHeads. By the SpiceHeads!

Read the original post here

You can sleep easier knowing that being “one in a million” – being a SpiceHead – means that SpiceRex has got your IT back!

bigrex11 The story off the Spiceworks SpiceRex



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