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To be a person with functional diversity leaves expensive. This is an affirmation that we can subscribe almost the 4 million people with incapacity which we lived in Spain, or 80 million that we do it in the European Union. The reason not only is because often we required of expensive products of support to carry out the tasks basic of life daily as they can be to move us by the street, to read a book, to sail by Internet or to speak on the telephone, but because also in some occasions the products and services that offers universal accessibility to us of are very lifted cost, or because in other occasions we needed the support other people, which also results in more costs added for the taking of steps as to practice sport, to travel or to visit a museum.

One of the challenges of Inclusive Marketing is to obtain that these million people we can consume products and universal services, that being used for all are offered to us to reasonable prices for all, without its cost supposes an indirect discrimination and true equal opportunity is fomented therefore.

This, that always is key in the democratization of products and services, is if it fits more important for a group that suffers one of the highest rates of unemployment, about 10 percentage points superior to the one of the rest of the population.

We are going to see what is what you can do for being inclusive at the time of thinking about the PVP of your products or services. We go there.


There are basically two forms to increase the affordability of your supply so that it can be really inclusive. We leave from which your supply can be the one of a product or the one of a service.

A) if you offer a product, you would have to design for all and to obtain a universal and flexible product instead of several adapted products to the different needs.

B) If you offer a service, you would have to adopt what the legislation of universal accessibility it denominates “measures of positive action�;
that is to say, for the subject that occupy to us, special economic conditions and discounts.

The universal standard products are most efficient:

To design for all a standard product that can be flexible to the different needs will allow you to offer a economic PVP. The explanation is simple: scale economy.

All the investment that you realise in designing and producing, in distributing and communicating your product will be more profitable to smaller PVP whatever more units you manage to produce and to sell of that standard product, at the most ample is your market.

As example I will tell you that my first mobile was a Owasys 22C. Designed by the Vizcaya company Owasys specifically for people without vision, it offered autonomy to me in exchange for 400 Euros in 2004. I acquired it tie to MoviStar. That one wonderful device (that still I conserve yet affection) allowed me to call, to send and to receive SMS messages and to create and to consult the list of contacts. As product, its market was the one of people with loss or null vision, a market evidently far below to the market of viewer people. I on a daily basis used it during 6 years, but little by little I began to miss things than others could do with their mobiles and I no.

My present mobile is a Iphone 4, a totally identical standard product to the one of my girl and TO THE ONE OF MANY OF MY FRIENDLY: I now bought it about ago 4 years, and it also cost 150 Euros to me, tie to the same company. In spite of less than costing half to me of the Owasys 22C, totally allows a normal use me of any smartphone. Leo the newspaper, I sail by Internet, I call, I write and Whatsapp receipt, receipt and answer the e-mail, coat photos (that a called application APT APT See is in charge to describe to me), I consult the time, I look at the hour, I put the awakener, I listen to the radio, my podcasts favorite… And by all means I manage my @minclusivo account of Twitter. All this is possible without having vision in a standard device, that yes, thanks to the called system of voice Voice Over, of specific use for people without vision but that comes from series in all the Apple devices and that the active user or deactivates voluntarily.

In summary, the product designed specifically for blind people was more expensive and granted less benefits than a product designed for all and that a function of adaptation for usuary blind people includes. It gave to pain the change me (in addition because I was dealed with exquisite way by the equipment of after-sales of Owasys in some occasion). But the new mobile contributed some benefits that helped me to be connected more and integrated in the society. And above it was more cheap. The key? Simply to design for all or a few offers many or few sales.


In many services the PVP that brand as much does not depend on the volume of production and sale, for that reason to include special conditions and discounts to the people that have special needs to make use of your service is the best one via being reasonable and inclusive and fomenting the equality of all clients.

The effective General Law of Rights of the people with incapacity and its Social Integration of Spain includes the following generic definition but that fodder that is applicable to the PVP: “Measured of positive action: they are those of specific character consisting of avoiding or compensating the disadvantages derived from the incapacity and destined to accelerate or to obtain the equality in fact of the people with incapacity and its participation total in the scopes political, economic, social, educative, labor and of life cultural, taking care of the different types and degrees from incapacity.�

These measures of positive action can manage to compensate with a smaller cost the economic disadvantages that the incapacity generates. Thus:

- The discounts look for to lighten this load because it is understood that in the life of a person with incapacity there are costs added by his special needs that it does not have a person without incapacity. Treatments, prothesis, wheelchairs, reforms of the home, headsets, software… They can suppose thousands of annual Euros. And in addition, many of these services that are economic for the people with incapacity are essential for them, consequently to use them is not an option, but the only option.

- Special the economic conditions look for not to increase the cost for example in people who need to be accompanied for some activity, or to compensate the loss of benefit in services that are not accessible.


The certain thing is that the services in which a person with a degree recognized officially with incapacity benefits from discounts and special conditions, at least in Spain are many. Some are:

- Discounts in the PVP (that even can arrive until the 100%): it is the case of some transports public (special tariffs in urban buses, in the RENFE (of whose Atendo service we will speak someday as example of good service that universalises the train), entered museums (does little I verified that the MAN of Madrid is gratuitous) quotas reduced in municipal gymnasiums, exemption of payment in disc parking (for vehicles with card, etc.

- Special economic conditions: it is the case of the ski resorts that understand that the people with incapacity need to go accompanied person on the other and who they also offer the track bond to 50% for the skier with incapacity and to 50% for his guide or companion. Or it is also the case of the discount that the RENFE applies to the companions of people with card sea bream which they need companion.


I do not want to finish this post without mentioning to which still they think that to make this type of measures of positive action it is to give privileges to the people with incapacity. Still there is people who think that not to acquire as the rest it is a privilege from which in addition the companions can be benefitted. “You do not want equality, because to pay as all no? �, they say.

Yes, friendly and friendly, still there is people who think thus, that she does not understand that the only form of which million people have the same opportunities that the others are to lean in other people to be independent. There is one who does not realize barrier that its inflexible attitude rises, that does not see the exclusion and the discrimination that it generates. There is one who only seems to see the sign of the dollar in each client, gives equal if this one can or not enjoy as the rest, the important thing is that it can pay. And if it comes accompanied, it gives equal why reason is, that they pay both.

Although every time they are except that they think thus, perhaps we attend an increasing wave of denunciations because in this subject of the universal accessibility friendly friendly beloved and, the legislation goes generally in front of the society.

As he shelp to Óscar Moral Ortega @OscarMoral1, legal adviser of the CERMI, in a communication organized by the Cormin IN Pamplona the past October: “The time to legislate on universal accessibility has happened already, the task almost is done, has arrived the moment for fulfilling the legislation. The time has arrived to denounce. It is necessary to explain, to convince, to disclose, but one is not fulfilled, to denounce and to persecute, to sanction�.

That is to say, before a situation of lack of real equality, the reflection of the people with incapacity every time will be simpler: I have a right, the law recognizes it to me, but I do not see it respected = denouncement.


Really, to make more reasonable with the price a product or service to people with incapacity we would have to consider mainly:

• that in many occasions we have added economic loads generated by the support products that we needed for our daily life;

• that if you design a product thinking about his universal use, the sales will be majors and therefore its price could be smaller;

• that in many occasions it is not possible to be enjoyed a service completely (if is not 100% accessible one), therefore a discount in the price is more than just;

• that sometimes we needed to go accompanied of another person so that helps us or it guides us in the accomplishment of any activity; and

• perhaps that as says Philip Kotler (supreme guru of Marketing at world-wide level) “you are losing a sale today, but you are gaining a client tomorrow�.

I hope that this post has made you reflect on this most important subject. Thank you very much to read and to share, to think and to include. :)

A greeting and until in a moment. Luis.


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