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Ponte in situation. You are employee in a feminine fashionable establishment. You want to make it well because you like your work, generate smiles of satisfaction and happiness in your clientas. Suddenly a pair by the door enters. “God mine! , - you think. It is blind and she does not come with another girl so that she advises to him, it comes with its boyfriend! It depends to the 100% on my, what I do? �, you ask yourself alarmed.

Calm, it remembers that you are the key of a good service and that she is as any client but with the particularitity of which does not see. Nothing else. You do not underestimate to its boyfriend (to perhaps it surprises you and yes it knows to help him), Covers you with empathy and to by her, considering the following advice.

To talk with the closed eyes:

1. Initially you can be directed to both. “I can help you in something, even�. It asks, it suggests and it answers who in the future speaks to you of both, with normality. If she is the one that is going to decide and to buy, it must be your main interlocutor.

2. In the future direct you to her, not only to its guide or companion. Although it does not see you, by the direction of your voice AND REASON WHY YOU SAY will know if you are looking at her or towards any other site. She remembers, if she decides, must be your interlocutor.

3. To once you are taking care of them, and if there are more people, noise and conversations crossed in the store, two tricks will come or so that the client knows that you go to her, since the people that we do not see sometimes we doubted if they are speaking to us or to another person. One consists of presenting you by your name and asking with education theirs to them. In this way, you will be able to go unequivocally to Eva, who is by the way as your client is called. The other trick, consists of touching to him in the arm slightly when for example you reinitiate the conversation after a pause.

4. It notices your presence. If for whatever reason you must absent to you of the conversation, she to Eva is noticed because if no, she will think that you follow there, been silent but there, and probably she continues speaking you in your absence. When returning, be done to notice. It is enough with a smiling one “already I have returned�, and since I have shelp in the previous advice it to you you even can accompany with a slight touch in his arm. (Although she surprises to you, a blind person knows if you smile or not when speaking, in the same way that you know if is serious or smiling a person with whom you speak on the telephone).

5. Speech with a normal tone and a diction, neither the more high nor the more slow. The clients with visual incapacity simply we do not see, or we see bad (there are people with low vision who are not blind but they have visual difficulties). And therefore, safe in cases of sordoceguera we will hear to you perfectly.

The product words and tact, description:

6. Your indications and explanations have to be verbal and descriptive, nonsign and vague. For example, to orient space they do not serve expressions to him that they require of gestures as “That way�, “In that corridor�, “in That one fitting room�, etc. You must be precise verbally and to use phrases as: “In the shelf that you have to your right�, “To the bottom of the second corridor�, “In the fitting room that you have just in front of you�.

7. If doubts of the vision degree that it has, you can be asked with normality and discretion. “It pardons Eva, you see the colors, the forms, the resistances� This is normal that they ask it to us because of being logical that tries to explain to us things need to know what is what we can see by we ourself. Far from bothering to him, will please to him that you put yourself in its skin.

8. It leaves Eva touches what she is hefting to buy, his hands and your explanations are their eyes. Pass products one by one to him and you accompany to his recognition with explanations on the product that is “seeing� at that precise moment.

9. Normally to Eva it does not inconvenience to him that you help to touch and to discover products him, that you are placed them or in front of her, or that you guide brief and smoothly its hands. The only thing that you must do is to request permission, to warn to him to him and to be delicate. She knows that you are trying to help him.

10. You do not falter yourself when Eva asks to you of what color is tal o cual thing. Many blind we have seen before losing the vision and we know how they are the colors. However, as the colors have many shades, it will help you to explain to need the name to you the color. For example, “red Bordeaux�, “orange butane�, “blue celestial�, etc. Or using examples of the popular visual culture. For example, “it is a rose, Pink Panther�, “is blue Duchies�, “green operating room�, “red Rolling language�.

11. It leaves to freedom and time to decide. And as a any client, is necessary to give time to think and to reflect and to leave it a little him to his air if she goes accompanied. You do not forget to tell him “I leave you a little while you think it and now I return�. He remembers that if you go away immediately, Eva will think that you follow present.

To guide is that they follow to you:

12. It offers your arm to guide. If at some time it is necessary to guide Eva by the store, nonlame its arm nor its cane to guide it. The recommendable thing is that you offer your arm to him (the right or the left one, the one that she prefers) and thus she will take to you of the elbow or the shoulder to follow to you. In this way Eva notices if you raise or losses, if tours or you follow rectum, and maintains the control on ITS own movements.

… 13. He inspects and he explains the fitting room. When Eva enters the fitting room you must precede it and make sure that everything is correct: clean, without projections with which it can be struck (hangers, coat hangers, centers…) and to explain briefly where to leave to articles and the system to him of closing of the fitting room. If you to him take you pledge them (it is not necessary), indicate to him accurately where you leave them and if there is seat and where she is this.

14. The mirror can be necessary. If the client conserves certain vision, it will like to know where it is the mirror to deal with turns in the measurement of his possibilities. You do not forget also to be located it.

Its sensations and your experience:

15. Sincerity and tact. It can be that Eva and his companion request opinion to you on the articles that test, obvious you must be sincere, Eva does not see but it likes to go combined, modern and with style. If something does not feel to him well, you have it to say and to explain why (with education and tact, as a any other person, already you know). Eva buys by sensations, as all.

16. Give him you rule of tendencies. By the way, to Eva it will like that him DES real indications of what it is what is fashionable, or what pledges or style is seen lately more by the street. – It remembers that it does not see the attire of the people, who the photos of the magazines either do not say anything and to know to him what is fashionable and what no, it interests to him safe. You will see how it interrogates to you on the matter.

17. Fitting articles. If you must to him make some adjustment or accommodate something than one is trying on, warn to him and you do it with gentleness. If no, Eva can be scared.

The things at the hand:

18. At the time of paying. If Eva gives the card you, probably she maintains it in the hand until you take yourself. Do warning it and touching to him the hand to him.

19. Keying in the dataphone. If it is precise to key the secret number, give the dataphone to Eva approaching it to the hands at the same time as you indicate to him if number 2 is to above or under the 5. Eva will locate the 5 tactiley since these devices always mark it with a point in relief, and knowing where he is the 2, it will be able to key any combination of numbers. (Better if the keyboard indicates with a whistle each pressed key, thus Eva will know that the device has registered its pulsation). The confirmation button also usually is noticeable and if Eva does not locate it single, it will already request help to you.

20. The proof. Finally, give the ticket him and the card to Eva in the hand, since to leave it on the counter it forces to him to track the surface with his hands and this it will not like too much. Stock-market with the product is easier to locate because normally it makes noise and it will find it quickly, however, if the DAS at the hand, will be far better.

If you have followed these advice, Eva will be one of your more clientas satisfied certainly. And he guesses where he will buy the next time and of whom he will speak wonders to his friendly (eye, not only to which as it has functional diversity).

And by the way, your companions will approach to you agape and they will ask to you where you have learned all this. You have three options: a) to tell them that you have read it here; b) to say simply “Thinks to them. It includes�; and c) all the previous ones.

Thanks to read and to share, to think and to include! A greeting and until in a moment.


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