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Today it is Friday. I am of the very good humor, in the office and thinking that in some hours I have dinner with my brothers, including the traveller whom to pains we see two or three times to the year. I walk all contentment other people's to the triple attack of “incapacity� that it is going to give to me at brief moments.

First crisis: Caused by a nonaccessible Newsletter.

I suddenly consult the mail relaxed, and receipt an interesting Newsletter of a portal on Marketing to which I am subscribed. The subject is “Day of social Publicity and Marketing with cause�.

Hummm…, finally some charlillas on marketing that go beyond the digitalis, of big dates or of neuromarketing, fodder. It is not that these subjects do not interest to me or that they seem to me of little importance. What goes. What it happens is that everybody speech of them and one in the end low his level of attention, hoping perhaps information on other sides of the polyhedron of marketing that are equally important.

I give when enter to open to the mail of so interesting day on social publicity and marketing. Surprise! (good, not as much). What I am is fun not much. I begin in the afternoon to recognize the symptoms of the first crisis of incapacity.

If you do not see, an image is only silence.

The message of mail in HTML is compound only of images. Or what is the same: my screen reader and the one of million people with vision difficulties anywhere in the world are not able to say when nor where it is that day, nor that distributes it don't mention it nor nothing because the text that indicates it will be in format image (and I say will be because I do not have form to know it without bothering my companions). Suddenly my interest mixes with a flood and well-known sensation of impotence. I am already in the heat of crisis, now yes totally disabled as a result of which it has decided to cause that the text is image and that in addition there is no labelling those images with alternative text (ALt attribute in HTML).

Just in case the text has escaped to me, I move looking for by all the message with you shoot with an arrow above and down (line to line since the design does not have headed by which to move to me of faster way). High! Hilillo of hope. There is a text. Leo: “If it cannot visualize the content of this email, it can visualize it via Web�.

Images without ALT and forms without labeling.

Hopeful I enter the connection but the page to which it takes to me is exactly equal. All the texts are inaccessible images screen reader… I return to the message and resumption the operation from above downwards combing again line to line the message. I spend a little more 3 minutes in listening to 23 times “Clicks here with the secondary button of mouse to unload images. In order to help him to protect its confidentiality, Outlook has prevented the automatic unloading of this image from Internet.� Finally I arrive at the last text. It says thus: If it does not wish to receive more communications by part ours please it beats in this connection to terminate itself

A very tempting invitation. Me fodder. With the cursor on the loss connection I recall with emotion some forms that have made me lose many hours throughout my life finally not to be able to compliment them since they were not accessible and I decide to press escape and soon to suppress. Thus shipment the mail to the trash. I thank for keyboard to him that does not protest the forcefulness of my gestures. And this way I surpass first of my crisis of incapacity, promising to me in the afternoon same that I will make a post with a summary of how doing accessible webpages and newsletters.

I decide to me that only five minutes ago it was of the very good humor. I aim in my list of tasks also of asking to him the doorman of Internet (Google) what knows of “marketing with cause� and I decide to write the entrance of the blog that you are reading.

The second crisis: Culprit a very obstinate machine.

In order to clarify the ideas to me before writing I am going away to take cafelillo and as the machine vending is thought only for which they see, with himself not to clear the sugar and the device leaves with hers: I take a syrup from quite repulsive coffee. While treatment to digest this second crisis of incapacity in the afternoon, I reflect on the especially necessary thing that it is that everything what is digital fulfills the criteria of design for all.

Fodder in applications of mobile, any software, applications Web, my television, the Vitro of house of my mother, in the last version of the Termomix (that tells me from Calícrates that only has nonaccessible tactile menus), in the machine vending that makes fun of side… And I conclude once again that the universal accessibility and the design for all are pending subjects for the majority of the programmers, designers and engineers of the world.

Of return table, I give thanks to the fact that I do not have sugar problems (beyond which the sweet coffee gives me quite asquito,) treatment to conclude this post and score several subjects on accessibility and technology to try in the blog. Later I go out and begins the weekend.

Third crisis: In an ATM.

Still with persistent regusto dulzón of the coffee syrup I am with one of my brothers and we are going away to remove money to a teller who, by all means, it is not accessible either for that we do not see. Third crisis in the afternoon. Today they have to me disabled lost! ,�, fodder. And returning to me to replace by third time, brother loose him: “You have two alternatives: or you invite me to dinner, or you help to remove money me�.

“A good design enables, an evil discapacita design�.

While my brother keys in the teller my “secret� number I am placed to his side and I ask to him: “and know won't you where are the days those of marketing with cause�? My brother does not answer. Again that I have spoken to him to the ear by which he does not hear. I smile by my forgetfulness and I decide me that the incapacity does not exist in the person in himself, that are generated when a person with functional needs different from those from the majority is related to surroundings that are not thought for her. The surroundings must change and to adapt to all the people not to offer accessibility barriers, must be designed to enable, does not stop to discapacitar.

So I change me to the good ear and I tell him: “Hey, it brings for here that the money is mine�.

Thanks to read and to share, to think and to include. And it remembers: in your hands it is that the people with functional diversity we do not have this type of “incapacity attacks�, it thinks about all when you design, you program or you submerge in the wonderful task of creating for others.

Until the next one! Luis.


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