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I propose you that we analyze quickly how influences in the consumers and the advertisers the publicity that is not accessible to the people who do not see, that they do not hear or that they have mental diversity. That we solve the four doubts nails that the agencies and the advertisers usually have when I speak to them of special needs of communication. Something about which by the way the majority has thought never or almost never. We go there.

First that there is to say it is that the immense majority of publicity campaigns is absolutely excluding with million people. This means that neither advertisers nor agencies usually consider the special needs of a great part of the population, thus staying excluded as people which nor inquires nor persuades.

Spot without inaccessible subtitles, images without audiodescripción, Webs and apps… They are only some examples of actions that conform some campaigns that are not able to arrive at all their potential market, although this one is stuck to the TV, scans with magnifying glass a poster or spends to lengths minutes in trying to sail by the website of the advertiser.

Image of the campaign of Volkswagen Think Small (it thinks about small) in which is observed a BW Beetle (the mythical Beetle) isolated of black color on a gray bottom clear to focus the attention of the reading one on the vehicle and to emphasize its small size.

Foot of photo: Many experts think that the Think campaign small (thinks about small) of Volkswagen of principles of the 60 is the best campaign of publicity of History. (Source image: Wikipedia)

Million potential excluded clients

Certainly if you think it (perhaps you had never considered before this) is not to you strange, since this it is only a symptom more than a afflicted society of exclusion, a characteristic more than a society than is not designed for all, but it is constructed based on the capacities only of the majority.

But to think about the majority only leaves it go to the greatest minority of the world, the people with functional diversity. There are 1000 million in all the planet, 80 in the European Union and 4 million in Spain.

It thinks that in your city or your district, approximately 7.5% of the population have some sensorial or mental functional diversity, and that almost 20% of the population are greater of 65 years, thousand or hundreds of thousands of people who can have difficulties of vision, hearing or understanding. Informed and persuaded people could be, but they remain excluded from the campaigns of communication of brands, products and services.

Image of the American campaign of Cocaine user with the slogan, The slows down that refreshes, written in the part superior next to logo of the Red and white Cocaine user in and a phrase that says in English Delicious and Refreshing. The image shows a woman with an arm after the head On guard relaxed and holding a Coca-Cola bottle. Under her it as much appears a text that says the necessity to make a pause for a refreshment arrives to him at everybody, in the heat of a day occupied as in the cold of one night in calm. A Coca-Cola fresh is for that moment, to add its refreshing life and to flash in your relaxation. Finally they appear three bottles of Cocaine user in the part inferior along with the phrase the drink that everybody knows, guay, so so refreshing, where it wants that you are.

Foot of photo: Although the publicity has changed much from this campaign of Coca-Cola of 1929 follows without being inclusive. Nowadays the technology yes would do it possible. (Source image:

The advertising exclusion, loss of rights and money:

As you also understand, which remains by the way is the right of Equal opportunity and nonDiscrimination of million people, but part of the money of the advertisers who pay because somebody takes a hit that more than to inform to him or to call to him to the action to buy, generates to him in best of the cases the indifference, and often bad milk as a result of the frustration.

Without accessibility, the agencies also lose:

For the agencies, the cost of opportunity of not including criteria of design for all in the campaigns is to let pass a best occasion to increase the effectiveness of the actions and to improve the image name brand of its clients. You have stopped yourself to think what impact can have in a deaf person who a spot is calld? The emotion that is going to feel is looked suspiciously like which looks for everything brand manager for its brand.

But not only there is loss of efficiency fade, without accessibility the agencies stop making of his work a true exercise of corporative social responsibility, that by the way is not only one question of the advertisers.

The accessible or inclusive publicity is neither expensive nor ugly nor only for a minority:

The professionals of the publicity and the marketing with which I speak on this remain thoughtful. “Because you have reason – usually they tell me. The thing is that we do not know very well how to do it�. And they always pose the same four doubts to me:

1. “And this of the accessibility is very expensive� . The answer is that no, that is not it, that sometimes the accessibility does not increase the costs and that when it does a budget does not suppose significantly more stop. And less, considering the investment that supposes or of in case action of communication as a spot, an event name brand or a webpage.

2. “And one is not going away to disfigure the campaign� Before this the answer that ground to give them is that the accessibility in publicity is a challenge for the creative ones. If we from the beginning consider that the campaign is inclusive with all the people, the idea will be more brilliant, more attractive and effective. And the aesthetic one of the spots, webpages, catalogues, fences, etc. does not have because it turns harmed, is question to have it also in account as always is made.

3. “But to how much people benefit this from the accessibility� It is the other great question. The answer is that to all the population. The universal accessibility applied to the publicity is beneficial for all the population since what is accessible increases the facility of reception and understanding of the message and allows a greater interaction with all the people, have or special nonneeds. If they remain doubting, I tell them. There are almost 4 million people with functional diversity in Spain; and the adults of 65 years soon will be more than 8 million. More of a 30% of the population that can have special functional needs directly. Their doubts are dissipated almost.

4. “And it is necessary that all the campaigns are accessible� To this I do not respond to them. I do a question to them. You think that there are between the objective public of the campaign people with special needs of communication? For almost all the campaigns it is that yes.

Image from the Christmas showcase of Fablab Coworking in which it appears a dummy characterized as echo-olentzero and the reflection of a girl looking at the showcase. In the left part it appears a poster with the logo of Fablab Coworking and the Echo text and in the right part another poster that communicates the participation of this showcase in the V Contest of Showcases of Christmas of Ensanche, sponsored by Newspaper of Navarra.En the part inferior of the image of the video is possible to be read the subtitle than they are saying the protagonists: We have made the echo-olentzero and we put echo to him because no longer it uses coal. In the left corner of the screen there is a box with an interpreter of language of signs dressed black on white bottom.

Foot of photo: This image belongs to a video of congratulation of the year of Fablab Coworking de Pamplona. To do it accessible with audiodescripción, subtitles and language of signs only cost 50€. (Source image:

You decide when you begin:

Knowing already what you know on publicity, exclusion and inclusion, now only you must decide between two options: you begin or to create accessible campaigns or delays to that your competitors do it. I see it clearly: there are things by which he is not intelligent nor responsible to hope.

He would enchant to me to you to have made reflect on this aspect, as important as forgotten, so that the marketing of your company or he marks is inclusive.

Thanks to read and to share, to think and to include.

A hug. Luis.


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