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A man with visual incapacity in a supermarket accompanied by an assistant. Their faces are defocused by a box that is used basic for the word myopia

Marketing has myopia. Rational and functional childbirth of the idea that this discipline tries to contribute to value satisfying spiritual needs. Needs of a consumer to whom the companies come near to analyze it close by. It is the call “standard client�, a concept constructed from the form to work of the majority of people.

But beyond the near standard client, there is a diverse, distant consumer for marketing by his way different to work. The result is a blurred spot in the retinas of the professionals, a reality that finishes ignoring, since without clearness it is not understood.

This forgotten client can suppose until the 40 percent of the market. In Spain we are sixteen million people about whom marketing would have to think basically for two reasons: because all we have the same right to consume of independent way, comfortable and safe; and because an enormous opportunity of business in satisfying us exists.

What we would observe if we put some lenses that correct that myopia?

We would see that the majority of the people walks, but all they do not do it. There is one who moves in wheelchair, or in scooter, or seated in a small car as a child. We would see necessary the physical accessibility, not because the Technical Code of the Construction says it, but because million people need it, with and without incapacity.

We would see that the majority sees well, but all the people we do not do it. There are some who we do not see anything, or are one who sees with difficulty. For example, the expiration date of a yogurt, or the ingredients of infantile milk, or the code QR of a refreshment, that are not legible for the million people who we have visual incapacity in Spain or for the million people with tired view. We would see that the visual accessibility is necessary and absolutely compatible with the aesthetic one and with the attractiveness of any design.

Also we would see that the majority of the people hears perfectly, but all cannot do it. There are people who stop to understand to you read the lips to you or that read what you write, and are other people who express themselves and only understand well in the language of signs. We would see the easy thing that it is to form, for example, to an employee of a store so that it speaks to you looking you at the eyes or the simple thing that turn out to call a full corporative video of voices in off.

And until we would see that the majority of the people can remember, read, memorise and understand complex concepts, but all is not able. There is one who needs a simple language to understand and to express itself, that leans in colors and pictograms to understand, or who she requires of help to remember. We would see clear the necessity that creating pamphlets, prospectuses, instructions or manuals, before we must learn how to communicate for all.

And we would occur to account of many more things, many needs that the standard client does not have and that yes are present in the human diversity.

Where be obtained those so necessary can lenses so that marketing grows in empathy, efficiency and responsibility?

The answer is within reach of any professional and organization who wants to turn into universal the satisfaction that promises. It is question to apply the seven criteria of Universal Diseño to surroundings, products and services.

The benefits to create in marketing with the “put glasses� of Universal Design are multiple for the companies. Not only the market of consuming potentials is extended, but the quality of the supply, the satisfaction of the clients rises and the possibility that they are faithful to a brand.

And you… you think that you need glasses?

Thanks to read and to share, to think and to include. Until in a moment.


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