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Benefits for the companies:

The supply of products and accessible services that it is created with the inclusive approach of marketing generates the following benefits in the organizations:

1. More clients: When directing us to all the potential market of any product or service is maximized. It happens because it is included until habitually excluded 40%.

Example: We think about a hotel. If this one adopts an approach of inclusive marketing and their spaces and their services are designed for all, the 100% of the population will be able to enjoy its facilities. That is to say, not only 60% of the population that a priori does not have special functional needs, but 20% of majors (that are having associate special needs to the age), 10% which they are the people with functional diversity, and 10% rest that is the people who temporarily have some functional difficulty (injured, adult with baby carts, pregnant…) they also could be clients of the hotel.  By using vps hosting for windows we can also reach more clients. Because vps hosting with ssd provides a lot of benefits such as MySQL, RapidSSL, PHP, etc.

2. More quality and more satisfaction for all the clients: When surroundings, product or service are designed for all, not only a satisfactory experience between the people with some special necessity is generated, but all we benefitted since its use is much more comfortable and safe.

Example: If the swimming pool of the hotel is designed so that it can be used by adults, the children and the adults will find it much more comfortable and safe, since if wants will be able to enter and to leave the water by a smooth incline, without slipping and with all the security. If the swimming pool in addition has been designed thinking about people with low vision, anyone will be able to distinguish the profile of the glass and the depth of the bottom, being avoided accidents by confusion or excess of confidence. Really, the use of the swimming pool becomes a much more satisfactory use for all since the variables of conjugated comfort and security with aesthetic and the ergonomics lift their quality. Using dedicated server hosting gives your website a better quality and it will bring satisfaction to the customers or the clients as well. But if you dont want to worry, you can use web hosting with unlimited bandwidth that is really helpful.

3. More fidelity of all: The clients repeat if they have a satisfactory experience. Since the people we know very clearly does not like to lose time nor money, and that we hated to frustrate, when we found products and services us that satisfy us, we are faithful because the accessibility lifts the quality, the quality generates satisfaction, and the satisfaction is the unique thing that makes us repeat.

4. “Capture� happy clients: When a product or service is the unique one in offering accessibility, it becomes essential for all those that need to use that service without barriers. Obvious this is an advantage that is transitory (it disappears as soon as the competition is also accessible) but can create emotionally tie clients to the brand for always.

5. More competitiveness: The demanded and demanded products and accessible services are every day more.

Socially there are three reasons that explain it:
• The western societies become majors.
• The adults and those that have some functional diversity are conscious of their “new� rights and they demand them.
• These two groups of population want to have the same habits of consumption that the rest.

If we designed thinking about all, we will make accessible supplies universally. It lifts the quality of our supply, generates more satisfaction in all the clients and, therefore, its fidelity is favored.

6. It improves the image name brand: Inclusive marketing help to the normalization of the diversity and therefore to the social inclusion, increases to the quality of products and services and adheres positive values to the brand. All this always is perceived by the society of positive way.

7. It stimulates the creativity: When an Integra company in its methodology of marketing the diversity of the consumers, is generated a creative enrichment since new challenges and points of view arise until then nonexistent. The result is always one better supply for all.

8. Recruit hidden talent: When an organization assumes the diversity as a natural element and “normal�, she is prepared to go beyond which she demands the law and to include in its work parties to people with functional diversity, and it will allow to find qualified professionals highly him and very it jeopardize with the organization, customary to work in equipment and to meet challenges and barriers with assertive will.

9. It generates new opportunities of business: Every time they are plus the great companies and public administrations that give priority to the suppliers that consider the development of universally accessible supplies and the creation of inclusive surroundings of work. For this reason, to apply in the company the design for all is source of new opportunities of business.

10. It is profitable: really, to adopt an approach of Inclusive Marketing is profitable for the organizations since they improve its supply, its competitiveness and its image without incurring high extra costs, mainly when this approach Integra from the start of the organization and of the projects.

Benefits for the consumers:

From the point of view of the client, inclusive marketing also has very important and key benefits in the satisfaction generation. The main ones are:

1. Equal opportunity: Before surroundings, product or inclusive service, the consumer with functional diversity can satisfy his needs and desires in equality, with the same opportunities to find satisfaction and utility that the rest of the consumers.

2. more quality means more satisfaction, autonomy, comfort and security for all: An inclusive supply means that the client is going to be able to enjoy her the principles levels of autonomy, comfort and security from all the points of view and its physical capacity, sensorial, mental or nourishing.

3. More autorrealización and happiness: The fact to feel equal and independent reinforces the self-esteem of the people with functional diversity, and it is key to feel more happier autorrealizados and.


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