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Since we have introduced in the definition of inclusive marketing, it is not sufficient to think only about the majority, because this one is not representative absolutely. The CONSUMER is not a standard, is a diverse group that although it has common needs and desires, also has them different. For that reason the majority does not represent all. Veámoslo in detail.

An image of the popular bucket rubik. The bucket is complete and shows three of its faces. The red one, blue and the yellow. In each face there are nine cuadraditos equals, but to each other different in color from those from the other faces.

Foot of photo: In the same way that the bucket rubik has six equal but different faces, the people also we are all equal but different, only and unique. In the faces of the bucket it changes his color; in the people, our capacities, since all we own some and we lack others. In order to complete the bucket we cannot forget nor one his six colors. All we are equally important.

The majority of the people walks, but all they do not do it:

There is one who moves in wheelchair, or with crutches, and already the Scooter are even becoming general enters the majors more to go out to realise purchases and managements. A simple step cuts to the step and the right to them to use, to consume and to be equal.

- The majority of the people sees, but all they do not do it:

There are some who we do not see anything, or are one who sees with difficulty. And, for example, the expiration date of yogurt, or the ingredients of an infantile milk, or code QR of a refreshment is not legible nor detectable for approximately 1 million people who have visual problems in Spain. Appointment completely without information in your own refrigerator.

- The majority of the people hears, but all cannot do it:

There are people who stop to understand to you read the lips to you or that read what you write, and are other people who express and only understand well the language of signs. This does not know it the teller of the super ones who speaks to you looking at the keyboard or the publisher of a promotional video corporative plenty of voices in of without subtitles.

- The majority of the people can remember, read, memorise and understand complex concepts, but not all can:

There is one who needs a simple language to understand and to express itself, that needs colors and pictograms to understand, or who she requires of help to remember. A manual to make manuals.

- The majority of the people can eat of everything, but all they do not do it:

There is even one who cannot ingest gluten or fruits droughts, or even that it must control much its sugar ingestion and who does not want to eat meat. For that reason every day is more habitual to see in letters and menus of the restaurants indications to know if the plates are apt for coeliac, diabetic or vegetarian. The inclusion can also be very flavorful.

Three great social groups that we must include

It is clear that the whole is diverse than the majority, and that if we do not consider it, we will be excluding the following three social groups:

more and more numerous group, almost 20% of the population that according to becomes major is having functional diversity due to the special needs to realise its daily activities.

People with functional diversity: 10% of the population. Ttienen special needs due to its physical, sensorial, mental or nourishing capacities. In order to take “a normal? life they lean in its capacities.

All the THAT HAS TEMPORARILY SOME special functional necessity: THEY ARE INJURED, PREGNANT WOMEN, parents or mothers with cart… Esteem that is 10%.

Without a doubt a qualitatively important market that it does not stop to grow in rights being looked for the real equality of all the people. And a quantitatively far from negligible market since it almost supposes 40% of the POPULATION.


The question is if them companies to start up action of inclusive marketing are beneficial and profitable. The answer is fully yes, as try to explain in this Web.

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