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Marketing and Inclusion in the present organizations

In this section of the Web we make a fast review of the main concepts of strategy and marketing to understand the importance that the organizations are inclusive. We define Inclusive Marketing (MY), we explained the diversity of the consumer, identified the many benefits that MY it has for the organizations, we approached the land of Marketing the concepts of Universal Accessibility and Design For All, and finally we deepened in how marketing mix of an organization can be inclusive.

To improve the society, key to be competitive

The companies no longer are organizations only centered in the economic benefit. More and more, luckily shareholders and consumers we demanded the creation of value and benefits for the society. Thus, Responsabilidad Social Corporativa (RSC) is a function essential in the companies worldwide to be able to be competitive.

Until now, the RSC has concentrated mainly in three variables: the ecological one, the fulfillment of some Human rights and the transparency and ethics in the economic management. However, little by little whereas clause goes away the inclusion of the people with functional diversity or other minorities as an important indicator of social responsibility of companies and institutions.

The great conquest of the RSC is that Integra of cross-sectional way in the organizations values of sustainability, ethics and respect of the Human rights, so that all the departments of a company are aligned so that in the set it is contributed to obtain economic but also social benefits.

In an office of Ilunion, people with and without functional diversity work in their positions. A boy with reduced mobility chat with a companion seated in its wheelchair, in front of an adapted computer and a telephone.

Foot of photo: The Ilunion group owns a high rate of internal diversity (32% of its employees have functional diversity).

The double inclusion in the organizations

In relation to the social improvement regarding the functional diversity, the companies and the institutions have two vital scopes to obtain total equal opportunity between all the people:

• The labor inclusion OR INTERNAL DIVERSITY: it is integration in the groups of people with functional diversity. It has undeniable benefits for the company by the diversity and wealth that contributes to him. Obvious also it benefits the worker because he allows him to be economically independent (something vital to obtain the social inclusion).

• The inclusive supply OR EXTERNAL DIVERSITY: it supposes to generate products and services that consider the needs derived from all the social diversity. In the same way it has great benefits for the company by the business and improvements that suppose, and for the consumer WITH special needs FUNCTIONAL because it allows to be usuary of products and services him in equality of conditions THAT the REST.

Marketing has to be the expert in diversity

Within the different departments that there are in the companies, marketing is the person in charge of the knowledge of the clients, of its desires and needs. For this reason, it has to be the one who integrates in the company the functional diversity that exists in the society, since this one is a characteristic of the consumers.

Only if the plan of marketing of an Integra company the needs of all the people and their diversity, the company is able to design an inclusive supply that responds to these needs and, therefore, includes as potential client to the million people with functional diversity.

In summary, so that an organization is socially responsible must realise things among others the double inclusion, and it necessarily implies the management of a marketing that it includes to all, an inclusive marketing. For marketing, the company can actually use vps hosting managed because it will help with a lot of thing. One of the benefits of using low cost vps hosting is because it provides a lot of software. For example, MySQL, PHP, and RapidSSL which are very important for a website. But there are other options too, such as using dedicated server ip or maybe other types of hosting. Such as cheap web hosting unlimited bandwidth which is very easy to use.

Since there are saying, in this section of the Web we developed the concepts nails of this innovating approach of the marketing that thinks about all. This approach is valid as much for the companies as for any public or deprived organization that serves to the society.

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