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The price in mix the inclusive one:

A product or service must not have a price extra so that its use and enjoys can be universal. Indeed, than it is dealt with Inclusive Marketing is to generate equal opportunity, and situations of discrimination although this one she is not indirect.

Some tendencies regarding the price are:

• The strategy to design from the beginning thinking about all gives as result a standard product with a standard cost. For example, any Iphone can be used by people without vision or with low vision without they must pay an extra by the adaptation of his terminal thanks to the fact that the device of Apple incorporates of VoiceOver series, an application screen reader.

• However, in the case of the mobile phones, the really inclusive thing would be that not only the terminals of the high range were accessible of series, but they were it also those of average or low range.

• There are services that so that the people with functional diversity are really universal need help, and it supposes that by the same price the client and his companion can participate in the service. For example, the ski resorts of the Aramón Group offer forfaits to 50% for the person with incapacity and her companion, so that to first more money than to another person does not cost to him the practice of the same sport.

• Another tendency in inclusive price is to reduce the price of the central service since the costs collaterals to the service usually are majors for the client with incapacity. For example, the chairs of ski for usuary people of wheelchair are very superiors to the cost of a conventional equipment of ski, that even can be rented nearly money. It is for that reason that the stations offer discounts of 50% in the installments from track to the people with incapacity.

The product or the service in mix the inclusive one:

The objective of a product or universal service is that it solves with the same effectiveness the necessity to all the people regardless of his physical capacities, mental, sensorial or nourishing.

So that this is guaranteed the 7 principles of the universal design have to be fulfilled that developed the team of architect Ronald L. Mace in the University of North Carolina. According to this, a product designed for all must:
1. Power to be used by all in equality of conditions.

2. to allow a flexible use by different abilities.

3. To require a easy use and intuitive.

4. To offer perceivable and comprehensible information for all.

5. To be tolerant to the error and the evil use.

6. To demand little physical effort.

7. To have suitable size and space for all.


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