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We start off of which marketing must solve needs.

Many professionals are in favor of which marketing only must be a set of on sale oriented techniques. but for us this perception of marketing is very reduced. In Inclusive Marketing we have a more global vision and completes of Marketing. We are more in agreement with the concept than American association of marketing defends the MISTRESS –. We think that marketing does not have to think about the sale by the sale, but must guide a process of knowledge and creation that tries the resolution of needs of the consumers, contributing value to his lives (something that by the way the Kotler guru does not get tired to repeat).

For it, first we must know our potential clients, know what wants and what they need and what they wish. Later, we must collaborate with the rest of the organization guiding the design of supplies that satisfy those needs and desires. Soon to give to know designed, to put it within reach of potential clients, to persuade them (because there will be others since we make the things good) and finally to sell.

This vision is key to understand the concept of Inclusive Marketing, since this one does not only look for to mitigate desires of the client, but trrata in the long term to contribute to him to utility in its life solving its needs (to sell to him what needs and as it needs it).

The Marketing that thinks about all.

Therefore, a complete definition of Inclusive Marketing could be:

inclusive marketing is the Marketing that thinks about all the people and that it considers the diverse CAPACITIES and physical needs, mental, sensorial and nourishing. The objective is that all we can solve needs and to satisfy desires consuming products and using services and surroundings, of the possible, comfortable and safe most independent way. For it they are had to offer accessible experiences of use to all, and to contribute to the attainment of the economic and social objectives of the organization who applies it.

A boy in wheelchair makes the purchase. He takes to connection to his chair a special tank designed to be handled without putting itself standing up. He is removing the ticket from a dispenser that is adapted to its height (to 1 meter approximated of the ground).

Foot of photo: The supermarket of Covirán in Place Illusion of Granada was first of Spain in counting on the certificate UNITES 170001 that credits its Universal Accessibility. It is a clear example of Inclusive Marketing since it is an establishment that offers accessible service to all the people. (Source of the Image:

In the same way that the architecture is integrating the universal accessibility to orient itself to all type of people, marketing has to use the universal design or design all to be able to be inclusive, so that product, price, distribution and communication are thought to satisfy needs and desires in all type with people considering their diversity, through experiences of purchase, totally accessible use and consumption usables and.

Universal Diseño or Design For All is the fundamental strategy.

The tools that Inclusive Marketing uses have to be designed under the principles of Universal Diseño or Diseño For All. It allows that to read and to open packaging, to consult a Web, to attend a cinema session or to realise some purchases in the supermarket can be action that any person can realise. If the letter of the pack is small, the Web is not accessible, peli is not calld nor audiodescrita or the super ones has close steps or corridors… Those actions them will not be able to realise anyone and it supposes social exclusion, loss of clients and, therefore, it will also suppose a bad management of the marketing and of the RSC of the company.

Really, to define inclusive marketing with a simple but very powerful idea, we will say that inclusive marketing is the one that thinks about all the people and not only in the majority of people. Because in case you had not thought it until now, the majority is not just like the whole, since in this one it is including the diversity of the consumers, and in majority no.


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